How Things Work at ALDOT

Actually, how things work at ALDOT is not clearly disclosed by ALDOT.

However, the Missouri Depart of Transportation (MODOT) has published its operational procedures.  Since both Alabama and Missouri are subject to the same Federal regulations, it would be reasonable to presume that ALDOT operates in much the same way.

Note, especially, Pages 3 and 4 of Section II.

Section I -- General

Section II -- Bridge Soft Match Credit Program

Section III -- Project Selection and Programming

Section IV -- Environmental and Cultural Requirements

Section V -- Agreements

Section VI -- Consultant Requirements

Section VII -- Right-Of-Way and Public Hearings

Section VIII -- Preliminary Design

Section IX -- Final Design

Section X -- Construction Authorization and Letting

Section XI -- Construction

Section XII -- Reimbursement

Section XIII -- Glossary of Terms

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