Volume 23, No. 2                                                                                    February 2005

Update from the Mayor

Many Mentone citizens have expressed their longtime concerns over the safety of two area bridges on Alabama 117 to Senator Lowell Barron, Representative Todd Greeson and Alabama Department of Transportation Director Joe McInnes.  As a result, Senator Barron arranged to have Director McInnes come to Mentone, view the bridges and hold a meeting at Town Hall.  At the meeting, Mr. McInnes and division engineer Johnny Harris explained ALDOT's plans for the bridges.

Work on the bridge over the middle fork of Little River (Whatley Bridge) could possibly begin this year.  The contract for the bridge over the west fork of Little River (Skyline Bridge) was to be let in 2007.  However, Mr. McInnes informed us at the meeting that ALDOT would make every effort to have the contract let in January 2006 and work would begin soon thereafter.

The existing bridges are 19 feet wide.  Mr. Harris stated that plans call for the new bridges to be 40 feet wide.  They will be built next to the existing bridges. The old bridges will be removed when the new bridges are completed.  The curves will not be entirely eliminated but "flattened" to meet current design standards.

In the interim, 24-hour blinking lights will be installed at the approaches to both bridges.  The state now has two radar signs in the area.

A public meeting will be held (according to Mr. Harris, probably sometime this Spring) to present the ALDOT's proposals for the replacement of the bridge at Skyline.  A ten day period for the public comment will follow.

Mr. Harris has visited Mentone many times and is well aware that the natural beauty of Mentone is what attracts people to our area.

The ALDOT will install blinking lights at the Moon Lake Elementary School zone on Alabama 117.  The lights will come on automatically during the hours that students arrive and depart. 

Senator Lowell Barron and Representative Todd Greeson provided funding for this project.  Moon Lake Elementary School and the Town of Mentone are grateful for their support.

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