Mentone Alabama: A History

By Zora Shay Strayhorn

Copyright © 2001 Mentone Area Preservation Association, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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Edited by Jean Devine McGehee and Charles White McGehee

Published by The Mentone Area Preservation Association, Mentone, Alabama, 1986

This book is dedicated to:

Jean Devine McGehee, the Rev. June Brockway, and Clara V. J. Brewer.

Exhaustive research was done on Mentone, Alabama: A History, and the information is presented to the best of my knowledge. I wish to acknowledge the help given by the following people, and a special thanks to Jessie O’Rear Whitehead:

Carolyn Adams, Catherine Bailey, J. R. Bain, Elsie Barr, Maxine Baty, Lulu Blalock, Ray Blalock, T. F. “Mack” Blalock, Clara V. J. Brewer, Polly Cameron, Bert Carson, Charlotte O’Rear Carson, Sammy and Clara Cash; Chattooga County Library, Summerville, Georgia; Ann Climer, Jack Coots, Maggie Cordell, Maybelle Cox, Bernise Crow, Dorothy Crow, Homer Crow, Mary Crow, the Rev. Edmond L. Crowe, Stella Crowe, Ruby Daniel, DeKaib County Library, Fort Payne, Ala.; Eugenia Dowiat, Alex Glover, Benny Goss, Donald Guinn, Jr., Alton Hester, Dr. Kent Homer, Elizabeth S. Howard, Nelda Howe, Janet Hulgan, Gruff Johnson, Jim Johnson, Blanche Jones, Grace Jones, Jack Jones, Olive Jones, Emma Jordan, Darlene Keith, Louise Keith, Britt Kirby, Florene Kirby, Mable Kirk, Vecta Lane, Edith Lyday, Wesley Mansfield, Jane Meadows, Glenn Miller, Millie Moerlins, Anna Morrison, John Morrison, Grace Howard, Bill Riedesel, William Hoil McCarty, Lynette McCary, Jimmy McCary, Sandra Padgett, Dr. Charles M. Pendley, Ken Pennington, Vergie Perkins, Regenia Prestwood, Bill Pullen, Grace Pullen, Leonard Shigley, Annie C. Smith, Aubie Smith, Ben Smith, Dewey Smith, Ernest Smith, Joyce Hawkins Smith, Lillie “Nannie” Smith, Nancy Smith, Scutter Smith, Lydia Speed, Eleanor Tate, Brownie Clay Tuttle, Mayfred Whatley, Alice Jane White, and Dr. Wayne Woods.

    --Zora Shay Strayhorn



About the Author


Zora Shay Strayhorn was born Frances Imogene Shay in Ontario, California, in 1909. She chose the name Zora. In 1948 in Hawaii she married Dixie Craig Strayhorn, Navy chief, a native of North Carolina. After Navy retirement in 1954 they visited friends in Mentone and stayed. The next year, an infant son was adopted, Gregory Lee Strayhorn. She earned an Associate Degree of Science in 1978 from Northeast Alabama State Junior College in Rainsville.



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