Mentone Area History


Fortress built near DeSoto Falls by Prince Madoc of Wales about 1180.

History of Alabama by Albert James Pickett, 1851, describes both DeSoto's explorations near Mentone during early July, 1540, and the Cherokee inhabitants of Northeast Alabama.

The Creek War of 1813 and 1814 by H. S. Halbert and T. H. Ball, 1895, recounts how the Cherokees helped Andrew Jackson in his conflict with the Creeks.

1837 Map Showing Cherokee Land in Northeast Alabama

1895 Map of the Mentone Area

Removal of the Cherokees by Jackson    John G. Burnett's Story
Trail of Tears    Cherokee Treaty of 1835     Maps

Samuel's Memory of a stockade which could have been Fort Payne.

The Cherokees vs. Andrew Jackson

Extract from A Pictorial History of DeKalb County, Alabama, published by Landmarks of DeKalb County, Inc., 1972.

   Early History

   Creation of DeKalb County

   Civil War

   Post War Period




Mentone, Alabama: A History  by  Zora Strayhorn, 1986.

   An Overview          A Description of the Mountain

   Mentone’s First Inhabitants          The Explorers     

   The Civil War          Post Civil War Times

   Turn of the Century          Heyday to Depression

   The Camps          The Churches

   Personalities and Legends     Decade of the Centennial

   Bibliography and Credits

1889 Plat of Town of Mentone by Ed Mason

The Groundhog Archives

Town Hall

Mentone Families' Quilt

Civilian Conservation Corps in DeSoto State Park   In DeKalb County

Mentone Springs Hotel  (6MB)

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